Or So She Says

I was a monthly contributor to Or So She Says at http://www.oneshetwoshe.com, a lifestyle blog for women, from May 2013 to November 2014. I chose my topics, but wrote primarily about family travel. Here are the posts I have written for Or So She Says.


October 16, 2014. Haunted Hotels of Utah: Good for a getaway. http://oneshetwoshe.com/2014/10/haunted-hotels-of-utah.html

September 18, 2014. Save money in New York City – 5 tips for families. http://oneshetwoshe.com/2014/09/save-money-in-new-york-city.html

August 21, 2014. Adirondack Park for families. http://oneshetwoshe.com/2014/08/adirondack-park.html

July 17, 2014. Tips for visiting Utah’s Dinosaurland in Vernal. http://oneshetwoshe.com/2014/07/dinosaurland-in-vernal.html

June 19, 2014. The Oregon Coast is a no-fail family vacation. http://oneshetwoshe.com/2014/06/oregon-coast-families.html

May 14, 2014. 8 dinosaur destinations in Utah for families. http://oneshetwoshe.com/2014/05/8-utah-dinosaur-destinations-families.html

April 17, 2014. 10 Reasons to Plan a Black Hills Vacation. http://oneshetwoshe.com/2014/04/black-hills-vacation.html

Balboa Park in San Diego

March 20, 2014. Top 10 attractions for families at Balboa Park in San Diego. http://oneshetwoshe.com/2014/03/attractions-for-families-at-balboa-park.html

February 20, 2014. Jump start your family reunion planning. http://oneshetwoshe.com/2014/02/family-reunion-planning.html

January 16, 2014. Vacation Inspiration: Clearwater Beach in Florida. http://oneshetwoshe.com/2014/01/clearwater-beach.html

November 19, 2013. Six holiday shopping tips. http://oneshetwoshe.com/2013/11/holiday-shopping-tips.html

October 17, 2013. Tips for starting a dinner exchange. http://oneshetwoshe.com/2013/10/tips-starting-dinner-exchange.html

September 24, 2013. 3 Fall Break ideas in Utah’s national parks. http://oneshetwoshe.com/2013/09/fall-break-ideas.html

Family Reunion tips

September 10, 2013. Top 10 family activities in Utah. http://oneshetwoshe.com/2013/09/10-family-activities-in-utah.html

August 14, 2013. 5 fun things to do in Carlsbad, California. http://oneshetwoshe.com/2013/08/5-fun-things-to-do-in-carlsbad-california.html

June 20, 2013. Why we love the Junior Ranger program. http://oneshetwoshe.com/2013/06/junior-ranger-program.html

July 18, 2013. 5 reasons to visit ski resorts in the summer. http://oneshetwoshe.com/2013/07/ski-resort-in-the-summer.html

May 16, 2013. Five fresh family reunion ideas. http://oneshetwoshe.com/2013/05/family-reunion-ideas.html


5 ways to save in New York City


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